Sector: Agrifood Tech
Product type: Sustainable fruits and Vegetables
Date of establishment: 23/11/2018
Number of employees: 6
Location: Bogotá
Outreach: Colombia
Years in operation: 3.5 years
Assets: 21.68 K USD
Liabilities: 41.18 K USD
Equity: 19.5 K USD




$500.000 USD

Technical Information

Company value

Annual growth


What is the investment intended to achieve?

Prototype improvement

Packing plants


Our analysis

Quo Agro Justo is a Colombian foodtech startup that aims to help small farmers by connecting them directly with the final consumer, eliminating the need for intermediaries and promoting fair pay for farmers.
In its current round of investment, Agro Justo seeks to raise a total of $1,000,000 USD in order to position its brand both nationally and internationally.

Quo Agro Justo, un startup de tipo tecnológico en la categora de foodtech, busca apoyar y impulsar el agro colombiano, fomentando justas y equitativas ventas, lleguando a los pequenos productores, quienes son los que sufren más de la instabilidad de los costos generados por la inter
Beginning with their customers, they have a diverse range of restaurants and producers with whom they connect, assuring and guaranteeing the fulfillment of their sales promises to both the final customer and the farmer.
The prototype and business model that they propose have advantages because they have structured their transportation logistics to make it easy for their products to arrive, making it easy to replicate; however, this creates difficulties that they have already overcome.

The goal of their distribution channels is to improve and expand their brand, which is supported by investment capital, because Quo Agro Justo has focused on “voice to voice” and has not implemented marketing strategies that will lead to a strong presence in multiple distribution channels.
The company has an excellent margin, thanks to great service and high-quality products, as well as a long track record and large monthly revenues that support its stability, demonstrating the market’s favorable response to its business model. Because of the international context, the food tech industry has enormous potential, providing food security and meeting the needs that arise as a result of conflicts between different countries.

To summarize, Quo Agro Justo is surrounded by an excellent management team that develops its brand at highly professional levels, which has resulted in numerous international awards, demonstrating the company’s vast capabilities.
Because of the region’s stable climes, Latin America has a longer production season than Europe or North America.

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