Sector: Fintech
Product type:  Wealth Management
Date of establishment: 05/05/2022
Number of employees: 7
Location: USA
Outreach: Colombia
Years in operation: 1 año
Assets: 59.200 USD
Liabilities: 0 USD
Equity: 59.200 USD




$930.000 USD

Technical Information

Company value

Annual growth

Return on Investment

What is the investment intended to achieve?

Prototype improvement

Human ressources


Nuestro análisis

PRO Investing is a new Colombian Fintech that aims to reach and engage small investors by providing them with goals to achieve through their investments, which can include education or the purchase of real estate.
PRO Investing’s current round of investment seeks to raise a total of $ 930.000 USD with the goal of perfecting their application and expanding their marketing and sales capabilities over the next three years.

PRO Investing is a Fintech looking for small investors to focus their operations in the US banking system and offer higher dividends to their clients in exchange for a set of goals that they can choose from, giving them a goal and a direction in the investment process.
Beginning with their customer base, they have already begun to impact the early stages of their development; however, they are approaching a new market in which they are only beginning to position themselves.
It is difficult to replicate their business model and prototype because of the ease and flexibility they provide, such as investing in an economic manner, transfers with very favorable interest rates, and expert knowledge and management.
Their distribution channels begin to have an impact in Colombian territory; however, thanks to technological capabilities in their app, both web and mobile, they can expand their reach to any part of the world, as all that is required is an internet connection.
Furthermore, they have an excellent reputation in a very exclusive sector of high finance, which inspires trust in their new and prospective clients as they seek to broaden the reach of small investors.
The financial sector in Latin America is expanding and growing, thanks to new Fintechs that provide alternatives to traditional banks, because traditional banks do not provide the same convenience or profitability. Finally, thanks to PRO Investing’s excellent work team, which includes experts from various fields who have defined their path very well, this Fintech has a secure, genuine, and trustworthy business model.

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