Sector: Social Network
Product type: Social platform for stories
Date of establishment: 14/03/2019
Number of employees: 33
Location: Bogotá
Outreach: Colombia and Mexico
Years in operation:  3 years
Assets: 162.000 USD
Liabilities: 70.000 USD
Equity: 91.600 USD




$200.000 USD

Technical Information

Company value

Annual growth

Annual return

What is the investment intended to achieve?

Prototype improvement

Duration of capital

Increase potential

Nuestro análisis

ITA, an initiative dedicated to the development of culture and community around reading and writing, aspires to be the equivalent of “only fans” for writers and readers, providing a space for users to monetize and share their work.
ITA is looking for funding and has received support from the federal government of the United States, with an initial investment of only $70 and a revenue of approximately $660.000 in only 2.5 years.

ITA, a digital platform where writers and readers can share and find content related to reading and writing, serving as the equivalent of “only fans” and promoting cultural development.
Beginning with their customers, they have a large community that believes and trusts the platform, accessing their content, sharing and consuming what they have to offer. Furthermore, their business model is replicable; however, not every initiative has a large, solid community behind it, facilitating expansion and growth.
Gracias a su plataforma digital, con la que tienen presencia en todo el mundo, su canal de distribución tiene gran facilidad de apalancarse, y se puede acceder a su contenido desde cualquier pas.
Furthermore, ITA Autores has a positive reputation as a result of its credibility and commitment to its community.
Platforms dedicated to cultural development, such as ITA Autores, are a type of proposal and initiative that is scarcely competitive, but extremely valuable, generating high rates of return, because they are exempt from value-added taxes in many countries (IVA). Furthermore, thanks to the experience and knowledge of academia and this market niche, ITA develops and consolidates itself appropriately in a short period of time.

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