Sector: Hardware, IoT
Product type: Hardware, IoT
Date of establishment: 26/01/2022
Number of employees: 3
Location: USA
Outreach: Usa, Latin America
Years in operation: 1 año




$500.000 USD

Technical Information

Company value

Annual growth


What is the investment intended to achieve?

Prototype improvement

To patent in USA and China


Nuestro análisis

Helmy is a company that is developing a device that is transforming motorcycle safety by incorporating tools such as GPS, intercom, and casco improvements that can be connected to any mobile device.
It is currently investing $300,000 USD in order to improve its visibility, reach, and distribution, as well as to expand into the North American and Asian markets in the future.

Helmy is a device that improves motorcycle riders’ safety by providing a variety of features that prevent both robberies and fatal accidents.
Beginning with their customers, they have well defined their target market, which they reach through various strategies, ensuring that their product sells well, and thanks to their own patent, their business model is a complete success, providing an original and protected product that cannot be replicated.
In their distribution channels, they offer a variety of options for introducing themselves, reaching their target audience, and closing each of their sales through digital platforms such as social media and websites, but they are still in the early stages of development and evolution.
The company’s revenue and profit margins have been completely stabilized as a result of having a profitable and well-liked product.
Another aspect that speaks highly of Helmy is that he is regarded as one of the best inventions of the year 2021, both nationally and internationally, with numerous awards recognizing him as such.
The motorcycle security sector is underdeveloped and underutilized, which means Helmy has little competition and a unique opportunity to grow by adding value and protecting the integrity and property of its users through a minimalist and high-impact invention that can be managed from any mobile device, providing simplicity and ease of access to all of its users.

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