Sector: Tourism – Nautical
Product type: Marketplace
Date of establishment: 16/05/2021
Number of employees: 13
Location: USA
Outreach: Global
Years in operation: 3 years
Assets: 467.398 USD
Liabilities: 245.420 USD
Equity: 221.978 USD




$220.000 USD

Technical Information

Company value

Annual growth

Annual return

What is the investment intended to achieve?


LATAM positioning

Human Talent

Our analysis

Nauty 360 is a startup dedicated to Yates reservation and rental, similar to what Airbnb offers, but with a focus on the maritime world. This Colombian travel technology company provides services in many countries around the world, including Colombia, Chile, Spain, Italy, and Mexico, among others.
In its current round of investment, Nauty 360 seeks $220.000 USD to position its brand on a national and international scale, to deepen improvements to its digital platform, and to expand its commercial reach.

Nauty 360, a technological startup in the traveltech category, seeks to expand and maximize the reach and use of the maritime industry through the use of rental yachts in which the client can enjoy a vacation, hold a party, or relax, all while providing a completely unique and innovative experience.
When it comes to analysis, Nauty 360 has a well-established clientele that chooses it over the competition, thanks to the benefits it provides, as well as its global expansion into various continents.

This could be replicated in the prototype and business model that is proposed; however, the niche in which they are moving provides them with a significant advantage that allows them to attract strategic investors and clients with significant purchasing power in two distinct sectors, one for those who want to rent out their own yacht and the other for those who want to rent out their yacht and enjoy it.
There are numerous advantages to using their distribution channels, such as the fact that they are a web application with availability in all countries around the world. They also have a large community on their social networks, which facilitates their reach and marketing strategies, making them synonymous with success.

The margin that Nauty 360 offers comes with excellent service and a positive image of the company, thanks to its low prices and strategic business deals. It has already surpassed the point of equilibrium and is growing at a rapid pace.
The shipping industry, in the type of market in which the company operates, is a space with numerous growth opportunities, so their reputation is excellent; however, it is something that can be strengthened with the passage of time and as its image and presence are consolidated in new countries where it can offer its services.

Finally, this type of industry has been greatly impacted by the impact of Covid-19 pandemic, which has reduced its reach and slowed its development, making it a sensitive niche in these types of contexts. However, this is not as difficult for Nauty 360, thanks to their strong management team, which knows how to steer the company, transforming it into a stable, trustworthy, and profitable startup that outperforms every challenge thrown at it.

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