Sector: Financial
Product type: Fintech
Date of establishment: 19/01/2022
Number of employees: 29
Location: Miami
Outreach: Mexico, Peru, Ecuador y Colombia
Years in operation: 1 year
Assets: 1.500.000 USD
Liabilities: 750.000 USD
Equity: 750.000 USD




$1.000.000 USD

Technical Information

Company value

Annual growth

Annual return

What is the investment intended to achieve?

increase range

Increase volume of activity

Increase commercial activity

Our analysis

Loopay is a financial startup that provides liquidity to its associates in order for them to have cash flow and generate movement in their day-to-day operations, given that a large portion of small businesses fail due to this issue.
Loopay is currently seeking a total investment of $1,000,000 USD in order to generate greater movement and cash flow in order to continue assisting its associates. Additionally, they seek strategic alliances that will assist them in entering new markets and consolidating themselves even further on a global scale.

Loopay converts invoices into cash and allows you to move money without dealing with suppliers, providing a management system that is not dependent on banks.
Beginning with large clients whom it recommends via voice, Loopay has a high probability of continuing to work with them, demonstrating its loyalty.
In their prototype and business model, they present a brilliant mechanism, owing to their rapid growth as a startup with only one year of existence, as well as the fact that they tailor their model to the needs of each of their customers.

There are no difficulties with their distribution channels because their working method is through their web platform and digital spaces where they can contact their customers directly, making them more close and faster than their competitors.
Loopay’s margin is 28%, a significant figure given that it is a financial sector in which investors seek to present a higher margin in order to move a larger amount of money.
Loopay’s reputation is still being built due to its short history; however, despite this, as a startup with only one year of existence, it demonstrates brilliant statistics that make it very promising and competitive.

The factoring industry is one that represents a lifeline for the business sector, particularly during times of recession and economic crisis, because businesses tend to break down and face difficulties when cash flow is slowed.
Finally, Loopay’s management team is excellent; they understand what they are doing and guide their team toward the established goals, thanks to their experience as entrepreneurs and business owners who have built a large network of support in the economic and business sectors.

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