Sector: Edtech
Product type: Licencia de Software B2B y B2C
Date of establishment: 28/12/2018
Number of employees: 20
Location: Colombia, Spain
Outreach: Spanish speaking countries
Years in operation: 3.5 years
Assets: 170.000 USD
Liabilities: 34.000 USD
Equity: 136.000 USD




$300.000 USD

Technical Information

Company value

Annual growth

Annual return

What is the investment intended to achieve?

Marketing and sales

Duration of capital


Our analysis

Mangus is a startup in the Edtech category that is dedicated to E-learning and is based on blockchain technology. It is an innovative proposal that uses artificial intelligence to better meet the needs of its students, developing fully personalized programs.
Mangus is seeking a total of $300,000 USD in its current investment round to improve its marketing, sales, and technological support areas.

Mangus is an E-learning platform that develops cutting-edge and innovative technologies with the goal of providing a completely personalized learning experience based on the skills, comfort, and preferences of each of its users, using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain.
Mangus has a strong community surrounding his company at the start of the analysis, which translates into a clientele, both business and student, of more than 100,000 active users on his platform.

They propose state-of-the-art innovation in the face of the best and latest challenges that industries 4.0 bring in their prototype and business model, by combining models of blockchain, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, they become a highly developed model that is difficult to imitate for your business. competition.
It has several advantages in terms of distribution channels because, as a digital platform, it is easily accessible via a device and an internet connection.
Mangus’ margin is quite wide, but because it is a new and growing project, it does not yet have all of its workforce in place, and its calculations are still being developed to reach an adequate balance point.

Due to the fact that the Latin American market for e-learning is still in its infancy, this industry is underdeveloped and not particularly competitive. Mangus proposes a technological model in comparison to its competitors, which has earned it a good reputation in the market through various awards for the quality of its education.
Finally, this industry is experiencing exponential growth as a result of the global implementation of new and improved educational models, as a result of what the pandemic taught them, and this demonstrates that Mangus has an excellent management team that understands how to capitalize on new opportunities to meet the needs of its customers.

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