Sector: Proptech
Product type: SaaS
Date of establishment: 5/04/2018
Number of employees:
Location: Bogotá
Outreach: Latam
Years in operation: 4 years




$500.000 USD

Technical Information

Company value

Annual growth


What is the investment intended to achieve?

Prototype improvement


talent acquisition

Our analysis

Arkdia is a proposal dedicated to the automation of documents and digital signatures to streamline processes for any company or partner that requires it, facilitating various tasks that can be complicated and time-consuming, which they solve with a few clicks.
Arkdia is looking for a $200,000 USD initial investment to leverage its marketing and sales strategies and thus consolidate its product in both Colombian and Latin American markets.

Arkdia, a proptech startup, aims to expand and maximize its reach by investing in marketing to bring its tool to every company or natural person that handles a high volume of data, such as signatures and digital documentation.
Initiating the analysis, Arkdia, as a new startup presenting its proposal and/or electronic signature tool in the market, sees itself with few clients and little recognition, but it has the potential to solve problems of its potential clients.
It has an excellent prototype and business model, and because it has a strategic tool, it can solve various problems with a few clicks, which is a difficult element to replicate because it has a diverse team of specialized engineers.

It has numerous advantages in its distribution channels because all you need is a stable and secure internet connection that is easily accessible to any of its clients. Furthermore, they have not made themselves known significantly in their communication spaces, which necessitates an improvement in their sales channels.
When compared to other types of proposals, Arkdia’s margin is too high, as it covers more than 90 percent, being a product that offers large dividends for each sale made, thus becoming a very promising and fast-growing company.When discussing its reputation, they are pleased to mention its business achievements, such as being named one of the 100 best startups in Latin America in various entrepreneurial niches; however, as a new initiative, it has not been made known to an adequate level that positions you satisfactorily.
The software development industry is the future, and as the world transitions to the digital age, every sector of any industry requires this type of update, where teams like Arkdia arrive offering multiple solutions, thanks to its group of professionals, primarily focused on the development and programming of their product, although with weaknesses in the commercial and business development sector,  can improve and enhance this thanks to the investments they seek for the expansion of their company.

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