Sector: Financial
Product type: SaaS
Date of establishment: 07/10/2020
Number of employees: 12
Location: USA
Outreach: COL, MX, CH, BR, PE, ARG, PR, RD
Years in operation: 2 years
Assets: N.a.
Liabilities: N.a.
Equity: N.a.




$1.500.000 USD

Technical Information

Company value

Annual growth

Annual return

What is the investment intended to achieve?

Prototype improvement

Duration of capital

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Our analysis

Wihom is a startup that connects various payment gateways and financial apps with any allied company’s accounting software to make payment much easier via WhatsApp, offering a wide range of financial solutions.
Wihom is currently seeking a total investment of $1,000,000 USD to capitalize on all of its growth and development plans.

Wihom, a cutting-edge and simple mechanism in the tech ecosystem to which it belongs, will connect various financial apps through its payment options to make it easier and faster via WhatsApp.
Beginning our analysis, Wihom is expanding its clientele through the use of its system, solidifying their loyalty, and having a positive influence.
They provide a cutting-edge system in their business prototype that will easily reach Latin American levels because it is digital, sent via the internet, and already has a working account.

Regarding its distribution channels, it exhibits numerous advantages and only calls for a device with internet access, providing support without any inconveniences.
The margin Wihom offers is rather large, around 85%, but because it is a new project in development, it does not yet have all of its working capital available.
The technological advancements being made around the world have created several opportunities for the IT industry. Wihom takes advantage of these opportunities by making appearances on various news and television programs, where his dependability and good reputation are undeniable.

Finally, Wihom has succeeded in presenting significant minimalist financial solutions, and from the academic community, they have succeeded in developing, taking advantage of significant opportunities due to the entrepreneurial and managerial perspectives that their founders advocate.

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