Our analysis

TIDZO, a WebApp dedicated to the administration, management, compliance, and monitoring of any company’s personnel, is seeking to expand with the goal of meeting the needs of more and more companies by facilitating their internal administrative processes.

TIDZO, a new WebApp in the Colombian market with the goal of improving corporate management and administration, has a growing number of clients, demonstrating its good development and dependability.

In their business prototype, they propose a very specific model with a fully defined niche, with the goal of offering solutions in an original and well-defined manner.

Because of the adaptability of its product, its distribution channels are widely manageable, as it can be managed through its application or website, generating reliability and a wide margin as it is a product with easy connectivity.

They have an excellent work team and ideal skills in fields such as engineering, programming, and even design, providing them with excellent direction and growth and allowing them to reach more companies as a great tool.

The digital product development industry, such as TIDZO, is a consolidating industry with numerous benefits and a significant impact on any company in the process of adapting and integrating to the digital age.

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