Our analysis

MINCA, a company focused on innovative mobility solutions, is in the process of raising $500,000 USD in order to expand in Colombia, invest in new points of sale, and run advertising campaigns to reach its target customers.

Minca, a company that has been in the market for about three years, has several stores and distribution points in the city of Bogotá, as well as some points in the north.

Its prototype and business model are well-structured, despite the fact that they are easily replicated and that a new competitor could imitate its model and mechanism of working with its clients in its various sales and after-sales services.

They generate a good margin due to their focus on after-sales support at all of their distribution points, despite the fact that electric scooters are still not widely recognized by the public and they face difficulties in reaching their target customers, resulting in too many variables in their average income.


In their future plans, they propose to position and expand the brand even further in various cities throughout the country; however, they do not express clarity in their investment intentions, and it is unclear where they intend to direct the resources to invest.

Despite the challenges, they have a great expanding work team and good training in the sales and post-sale processes to ensure customer satisfaction.

With the emergence of new technologies and trends, the mobility industry has enormous potential, as mobility is sought to be simpler, faster, and cheaper, a phenomenon that cannot be overlooked in the Latin American sector.

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