Sector: Tecnología
Product type: SaaS
Date of establishment: 12/09/2017
Number of employees: 2
Location: Bogotá
Outreach: Usa, Panama, Ecuador y Colombia
Years in operation: 2 years
Assets: 15000 USD
Liabilities: 10000USD
Equity: 5000 USD




$500.000 USD

Technical Information

Company value

Annual growth


What is the investment intended to achieve?



Expansion in Latin America

Our analysis

GIOBS, a company dedicated to corporate assistance in human talent management, is undergoing a $500,000 USD investment round in order to automate and robotize a portion of its processes and management. It also seeks to consolidate its presence in North America, despite the fact that it already has a presence in several countries across the continent.

Giobs is a growing company in the Latin American market, with distribution and reach in multiple countries.

Because of its technological structure focused on the human resources sector, its prototype and business model are so specific and well focused that they are difficult to imitate.

It generates confidence and comfort due to its automation in various business processes, allowing it to be acquired by multiple companies, generating a wide margin in constant growth.


In their future plans, they propose to further position and expand the brand in different countries and languages, focusing on the North American market, which currently means that it does not have a wide reputation, but it will be consolidated over time due to its excellent initiative. weather.
They have a great growing team and good training, but they would prefer to expand their reach into a more commercial area.

Because innovation is a constant requirement in any sector of the industry, the new technology industry is booming and positioning itself, and this type of company contributes to business, digital, and technological evolution.

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