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There are various types of Startups that provide solutions for each economic sector, with technologies designed to be used in a specific area, but we don’t know what each one is responsible for or how they are referred to, the “tech” solves different needs and has a growing relationship with automation, which explains their popularity.

Sectors of technology you may not be aware of:

There is a wide range of technology sectors, such as Agtech (Agrotechnology) and Martech (Marketing Technology). It is interesting to see how startups have strengthened and provided solutions to various social and business problems, and how technology has increased productivity and competitiveness.

These are some examples of technology:

ADTECH: Describe all of the technologies used in the programmatic purchase and sale of advertisements. A public relations technology that encompasses all platforms and is designed to provide the tools needed by advertisers and public relations agencies to launch and manage various campaigns aimed at increasing product or service sales through multiplatform advertising.

MARTECH: These terms refer to marketing platforms such as CRM, SEO, and social networks that are used to manage customers. Assist professionals in conducting surveys, developing marketing campaigns, and developing marketing strategies. These tools enable advanced and dynamic internal and external segmentation, and this user changes based on the interactions that occur with him.

AGTECH: The agricultural technology sector, also known as Agtech, is a group of tools that revolutionize and solve agricultural problems by improving industry challenges in machinery, food, and nutrition. Some agricultural applications allow for the input of harvest data, resulting in improved yield while reducing investment time and yielding better results. The reach of this sector in the digital environment has grown significantly in the last year, with more startups entering this medium.

Agrapp, is one of them

ENERGYTECH: This energy sector includes everything related to the safe, efficient, and appropriate transformation, regulation, and storage of energy resources, reducing environmental damage and raising awareness about the use of renewable energy sources. This branch of energy technology encompasses various fields of science and has made significant progress with some applications that improve mine management and monitoring, as well as implementing electrical engineering in various industries.

BIOTECH: Develops and designs solutions that improve life through the use of specific devices or treatments that allow for the rapid and accurate localization of diseases or infectious agents in the body, as well as the creation of pharmaceuticals and vaccines.
Following the Covid-19 public health emergency, the need to continue working in this field has become more apparent, in addition to the fact that medical progress is more widespread thanks to technological advances.

HEALTHTECH: Provides a standout service to patients, such as scheduling appointments in advance or obtaining a medical diagnosis online, in addition to providing assistance in recovery or appointments in a digital format, collecting and analyzing data. Healthtech has grown in importance during pandemics, providing remote medical assistance as well as health innovation that is digital and easily accessible to all.
Despite significant challenges, it has received favorable treatment in various areas of health care, including psychiatry and hospital logistics.

EDTECH: This revolution is transforming educational models by transforming traditional learning methods through applications or web pages, allowing universities and educational institutions to offer some of their courses or careers online, which has resulted in increased student acceptance and improved student productivity and performance.

Some are: Mangus Eskepsi

FINTECH: The Future of Finance “Fintech” arrived to provide financial solutions and automate services for users and businesses. This industry offers a vast array of operations and real-time financial returns. The acceptance of Fintech has provided users with ever-increasing conveniences, such as online loans and credit, investments, and mobile banking, which have revolutionized and transformed traditional banks, which are also investing in financial technology.

Proinvesting, is one of them.

FOODTECH: As one of the most dynamic and powerful startup markets, it has transformed agriculture into a more sustainable, modern, and proactive industry, encompassing everything from food production to distribution and consumption. Addressing an increasing number of customers and providing a variety of foods ranging from healthy to fast food, as well as fresh products direct from the field.

QuoAgro is one such example.

HRTECH: A human resources technology designed to simplify and support the work of professionals in this field in various roles. It has tools for managing specific areas as well as more general areas, giving small, medium, and large businesses greater access to solutions and greater analysis in areas such as hiring, training, and organizational culture. Hrtech allows for greater efficiency and agility in all processes.

Giobs, is one of those.

INSURTECH: It is the union of the technology sector and insurance companies that use technologies to simplify the way they offer their services and create fast and agile solutions, with greater demand and variety in services, focused on the end user, and being an innovative way of doing so.

RETAILTECH: Improves the way we see sales points by utilizing technology. Minority sales improve the user experience by implementing successful and innovative solutions. In some retail locations, we found exhibits with LED screens or even something more interactive, such as children’s games. This combination of the sector and technology has provided numerous benefits such as not having to queue in some stores, paying with a QR code via a specialized store app with an automated chat bot. All sector stores can provide different scenarios, and within that, brands can provide their own retail technology methods.

TRAVELTECH: A technological advancement designed for the tourism industry, innovating and improving the traveler’s experience and focus, speeding up the traveler’s connections with tourism startups, offering any type of reservation, ticket purchase, and travel itinerary, in addition to this, the user finds what they are looking for in less time and can rely on the comments of other users to choose their destination, airline, and itineraries.

Some are: RoomServiceEscappy


Finally, technology has elevated the economy to a higher level, with a more dynamic and innovative model in which artificial intelligence and other technologies drive startup growth and facilitate B2B and B2C transactions. Furthermore, in recent years, it has been observed that startups have positively influenced the economy in Latin America.

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